I’ve been admitted to Scripps – how can I learn more before I make my decision?

BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站提供各种各样的面对面和虚拟课程. 请访问 ara7.net/admit 探索和注册事件!


是的! 录取学生日是周五, 4月12日,将包括一系列学术会议, 旅游, 和面板.

I won’t be able to attend Admitted Student Day but would like to visit campus at a不her time. 我有什么选择?

BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站也提供工作日参观, 选定城市的招待会, 以及两个名为“探索BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站”的半天课程. 你可以在 ara7.net/admit.

Is Scripps offering a fly-in program for historically underrepresented students?

是的! For more information about DIVE Into Scripps, our fly-in program, click 在这里.

我不能去BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站了. 如何通过虚拟活动或资源伟德bevictor中文版信息?

将提供各种各样的虚拟课程. 看看 ara7.net/admit 伟德bevictor中文版信息并注册虚拟活动. 我们也强烈建议您关注 @scrippsadmission on IG for event reminders, student take-overs, 和 helpful info about the Scripps experience. 

我的录取通知书上没有提到奖学金. 我还能被考虑吗?

All scholarships are awarded at the time of admission 和 are referenced in your online 不ification, 与你的录取通知书(邮寄)一起寄出。. 我们不会在未来几年重新颁发奖学金或考虑学生.

我对基于需求的经济援助有疑问. 我应该在哪里得到答案?

We strongly encourage students to schedule an appointment with a 金融 aid staff member. 访问以下网站 页面 伟德bevictor中文版信息.

I’m interested in a gap year (taking a year off between high school 和 college). 我怎么申请呢?

所有间隔年申请都应发送至 (电子邮件保护) 申请的截止日期是6月1日. Please 不e that students on a gap year may 不 enroll in college courses during that time.

我还有其他问题! 我怎样才能得到答案呢?

随时可以发邮件 (电子邮件保护) 或者与入学顾问安排电话预约 在这里.

BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站101 -你的校园生活


作为一个小的居住社区, t在这里 are opportunities to get involved in the Scripps campus 和 克莱蒙特学院 through: BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站俱乐部, BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站学生协会(SAS), 拉斯帕领导力中心, 5度的俱乐部CMS田径.


BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站相信全面的, 整体的方法来促进情感, 物理, 以及学生的心理健康. Please check out the 健康与福利 section below for detailed information.


职业规划 & 资源(CP&R) 从事, 教育, 并为学生提供个性化的职业咨询, 能力建设, 从实践经验中学习, 以及最新的职业规划和准备技术. The office also works to create on campus recruitment opportunities with the BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站 和 offers drop-in hours.


除了一位指导老师, Scripps students are able to access Scripps’ 辅导 programs 和 Writing Center for any course at 克莱蒙特学院. More information on accommodations for students with disabilities 和 contact information for the Academic 和 资源 staff can be found 在这里.

Are t在这里 other resources Scripps students have access to within the BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站?

是的! 克莱蒙特学院 Services (TCCS) are designed to provide 支持 for students enrolled at the seven colleges. 资源 are located among the contiguous campuses 和 offer campus specific as well as consortial-wide programs, 支持, 和 services to augment 和 enhance students’ academic 和 psycho-社会 needs.

What are the student resources 和 services available through 克莱蒙特学院 Services (TCCS)?


看看 a list of other Scripps resources/services 和 CLORGs (Scripps lingo for clubs 和 organizations) 在这里!



学术资源及服务 (ARS) is the department on campus devoted to academic student 支持. ARS管理学术和住房住宿, 辅导, 学术指导, general advising 和 first-generation at Scripps program for students who are the first in their families to attend a 4-year college or university.


ARS is located on the north side of Kimberly Hall 和 near the Tiernan Field House

I have academic accommodations in high school, can I get them in college?

是的. 你应该从比安卡·芬奇开始. 你可以联系摩根·麦凯布预约 (电子邮件保护).

我没有学术住宿,但我想我可能需要它们. 等我上了大学能拿到吗?

是的. You should start by completing an intake with intake with Bianca Vinci. 你可以联系摩根·麦凯布预约 (电子邮件保护).

I have more specific questions about academic resources, who should I contact?

你可以通过以下电话联系学术资源与服务部 (电子邮件保护)

What type of academic 支持 will be offered during my time at Scripps other than 学术资源及服务?

Students will also have access to an Academic Advisor, prior to declaring their major, 和ir 主要联系人院长.


我可以获得AP/IB吗  信贷?

用于大学先修课程和考试, scores of four or five on the examination will be considered for 信贷. 国际学士学位课程和考试, 得分为五分, 六个, 或在更高级别考试中获得七分将被视为学分. A maximum of four such elective course 信贷s will count toward the degree but may 不 be used toward the 16-course residence requirement.  有关更多信息,请单击 在这里.


If you have a sealed copy that has 不 been tampered with, we will take it 和 consider it official. 否则, you will request for official scores to be sent directly from the testing agency to the Office of the 注册商 for evaluation.


New students are assigned a preregistration time 和 will have access to registration via their student portal for a 24-hour period to add/drop classes. You can still change your classes during the add/drop period, usually until the 10th day of class. 您可以伟德bevictor中文版关于注册的信息 在这里.


有关我们的要求列表,请点击 在这里.

我在高中时上过一些大学课程. 这些课程会转到BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站吗?

也许. All transfer 信贷 is evaluated by the Office of the 注册商 once you enroll at Scripps. 你可以伟德bevictor中文版关于转学分政策 在这里.


看看 the Academic Calendar for important dates like the first day of class 和 student breaks.

我很高兴开始在BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站上课! 我在哪里可以找到课程描述?

你可以找到课程描述 在这里. 一定要看看Core课程!


有关说明,请观看以下内容 video.

职业规划 & 资源


除了可用的资源在 职业规划 & 资源网站 和 our Consortium wide internship/job/event portal called 握手, Scripps CP&R的工作人员在这里帮助你寻找具体的实习机会. This includes helping you build 和 exp和 your network with Scripps alumnae working in your dream organization. CP&R also provides summer internship grant funding for unpaid opportunities.


职业规划 & 资源 hosts on-campus recruiting events throughout the school year including employer information sessions, 人才招聘会往往会, 技巧的研讨会, 以及校园面试. One of the benefits of being a student of the BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站 is that Scripps students can attend any recruitment event happening at any of the 7 BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站.

What kind of interaction do current Scripps student have with Scripps alumnae?

校友们经常回到校园参加CP&R的招聘活动和职业小组. Many alumnae outside of the greater Los Angeles area are willing to share their career stories with Scripps students through informational interviews. CP&R staff are 在这里 to coach you on how to connect with our alumnae through the Scripps 社区 女校友 database 和 LinkedIn.


Both work study 和 non-work study positions are available at Scripps 和 throughout many of the BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站校园工作 可以在 握手 和CP&R organizes a Student 就业 Fair every fall to help  Scripps students find the perfect on-campus position for them.



We offer a comprehensive list of workshops 和 programs that 支持s students from a holistic perspective focusing on the eight dimensions of wellness: intellectual, 环境, 职业, 物理, 社会, 精神上的, 金融, 以及情绪健康. Some of our signature programs include Tasty Tuesdays, DeStress Thursdays, 和 BeWell Fridays. 查看我们的网站伟德bevictor中文版信息.


T在这里 is a plethora of functional equipment available for student use including stability balls, 哑铃, 瑜伽垫, 块, 和更多的. Our cardiovascular equipment includes step mills, treadmills, ellipticals, 和 stationary bikes. 学生还可以借用各种设备, 从槌球套到拳击手套, 从足球到呼啦圈.


The field house is open to students of all genders enrolled at the BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站 with the purchase of a daily pass or membership.

W在这里 can I learn more about PE classes 和 varsity, club, 和 intramural sports?

看看 CMS田径 伟德bevictor中文版关于大学体育运动. 如果其他东西更符合你的风格,请查看 CMS Recreation Instagram for intramural 和 club sports as well as fitness 和 wellness classes.



从高中毕业的学生, 参加一个攻读学位的课程, 并且有任何可转换学分的被认为是转学生.


Scripps welcomes applicants who wish to transfer in at first-year, sophomore, or junior status.


The 入学 Committee places considerable weight on the content 和 quality of the college transcript(s) 和 college faculty recommendations. Course 信贷 is generally transferable if the prior college is ac信贷ed, 这门课的成绩是C或更高, 和 course is comparable to one offered by any of 克莱蒙特学院. Students transferring from California colleges or universities are advised to follow the IGETC plan to ensure 可转让信用. BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站将根据具体情况评估转学分. Transfer applicants are advised to challenge themselves with a range of coursework prior to transferring to Scripps College in order to fulfill our 学习范围 转职后不久的要求.


No, but we recommend that transfer c和idates have maintained a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better at their previous college(s) in order to be considered competitive for admission.

What is the maximum amount of 信贷 allowed from a previous institution(s)?

The maximum amount of 信贷 allowed from previous college work toward a Scripps degree is two years or 16 courses. Transfer students must spend the equivalent of four full-time semesters at Scripps, 完成至少16门课程, 以获得B.A. 学院学位.

What should I do if I previously applied to Scripps (either as a first-year or transfer applicant) 和 I am reapplying?

你必须提交同样的文件 所需的材料. 如果你去年申请,60美元的申请费将被免除. Please 联系招生办公室 with any questions you have about your specific situation.



As of fall 2021, Scripps adopted a test-optional policy for all students. 这意味着学生不再需要提交SAT或ACT成绩. International students for whom English is 不 their first language must submit the TOEFL, 雅思考试, 或多邻国英语测试.

If I submit SAT/ACT scores, does Scripps superscore across test dates?

是的, if a student takes the SAT or ACT more than once, we will consider your best score. The best SAT score is determined by combining the highest score received on each section from any combination of testing dates; 不e that we will 不 combine subscores from the new 和 old versions of the SAT. Best ACT score is also determined by combining the highest score received on each section from any combination of testing dates.

If I submit SAT/ACT scores, does Scripps superscore across test dates?

Students who choose to submit SAT or ACT scores as part of their application can send official scores or self-report scores through the Common Application, QuestBridge应用程序, or through the Self-Reported Test Scores form in the Application Status Portal form checklist. Students who self-report scores as part of their application to Scripps 和 choose to enroll are required to submit official score reports. If t在这里 is a discrepancy between self-reported test scores 和 official scores, 这可能会影响学生的录取. 请注意我们是这么做的 accept self-reported test scores for the TOEFL, 雅思考试, or Duolingo English


是的,BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站要求所有转学申请者提交 大学的报告 和 中期报告. These forms 可以在 the Common Application website 和 should be emailed to (电子邮件保护) from a school official or mailed to the Scripps College Office of 入学.


我是一名国际学生. In addition to the required application materials, are t在这里 any additional materials I must submit?


  • 官方托福,雅思或多邻国英语测试结果
  • Official results of any International Baccalaureate or national exams
  • 美国大学理事会国际学生财务证明
  • CSS/经济援助简介(如果申请基于需求的经济援助)
  • 所有文件的认证英文翻译. 请参阅 国际申请者 浏览更多信息.


If your first language is English or the language of instruction at your school is English, 你可能有资格豁免托福/雅思考试的要求. 提交申请后,请发送电子邮件 (电子邮件保护) 用你的名字, 生日, 你学校的名字, 和 how many years you have been in an English-language classroom environment.


BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站为转学生提供资助的住房 . Students will find out the housing accommodations once admitted 和 admitted transfer students are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Affairs at (909) 621-8277.


BETVLCTOR伟德官方网站很荣幸能与 加州荣誉转学委员会. The HTCC negotiates special transfer agreements linking community college honors/scholars programs to specific universities, 大或小, 公立或私立. Students completing such programs may enjoy a range of benefits at Scripps, 如优先承兑对价. If you are a community college honors program student interested in transferring to Scripps, 联系招生办公室.