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The goal of the Clark Humanities Museum, which opened in 1970, is to give students the crucial opportunity to engage directly with original works of art and other artifacts of material culture related to their courses—an irreproducible experience that sharpens critical inquiry, fosters interdisciplinary thinking, and offers the keen poignancy of authenticity in our increasingly virtual digital age.


April 19-May 9, 2025

Course: Intro to Latin Hustle, Assistant Professor Abdiel Jacobsen & Course: Critical Perspectives on Dance: Race, Gender, and Sexuality, Associate Professor Kevin Williamson

“NIGHTS OUT” is an installation curated through integrated course work that centers on non-normative social dance spaces.  Attendees will discover an assemblage of artifacts and ephemera centered on communities that transgress societal dance norms. A collaboration between Intro to Latin Hustle and Critical Perspectives on Dance courses, “NIGHTS OUT” is an opportunity to consider how social dancing can challenge and dismantle hegemony while fostering a sense of belonging and collective liberation.

We would like to thank the following people and institutions for their contributions to and help with our exhibition:

Claire De Chaine and Dr. Julin Everett with the Clark Humanities Museum, Jennifer Martinez Wormser with Denison Library, Kevin Mullis from Media Services, Andrea Ketter and Ashley Larson from Claremont Colleges Library, Jennifer Armstrong and the Dean of Faculty Office, the O’Brien Lectureship Fund, Lydia Tam for Club Classroom flyer design, and DJ Rashida.


Curated by: Svetlana Altshuler, Toby Anderson, Leah Atkins, Nour Bayassine, Jasper Brown, Declan Coleman, Casey Donnelly, Georgia Fine, Madelaine Jade Hall, Lauren Henson, Grace Hill, Niketa Kou, Olivia Leyba, Caitlyn Ossa, Nathaniel Santos, Afrah Ahmed, Divya Ahuja, Taylor Backer, Anna Berman, Lily Colberg, Lillian Cowie, Hannah Fawley, Sally Gaskell, Sarah Hansen, Chloe Heath, Lilly Hunter, Willow Lehrich, Simar Malhotra, Riva Guo, Matisse Schutten-Burgess, Mira Shah, Elizabeth Simkin, and Blake Weld.



Stud Country Night

at Club Bahia in Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of

Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day 

in 1970

The first NYC Pride March

Photo courtesy of NBC News


 People dressed in drag celebrating Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo courtesy of National Geographic


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